A little while back I had the opportunity to photograph this incredible home in Holland Park, designed by it’s owner architect. Stunning bit of minimalist design which works amazingly as a family home, with an endless number of bathrooms, an incredible art and photography collection and the most adorable little wooden stools dotted in nearly every room around the house. 

GF_hall GF_stairs dining_room3 dining_room4 dining_room2 kitchen1 breakfast_room1 breakfast_room2 GF_wc

LGF_wc3 living_room3 living_room6 living_room10 living_room4 living_room5 extra1 master_bed7 master_bed3 master_bed5 master_bed4 master_bed2 en_suite4 kids_bedroom1 kids_room1 bathroom_1 spare_bedroom1 shower_room1 Stairs2


Thanks to Capstone London for the opportunity to photograph this property.